Lessons with Michael Turnbull

(Lessons take place at the Brookview Lesson Tee unless otherwise noted.)

The Basics Group Lessons

Golf is hard, right? Well, it's not true. Swinging a golf club is a relatively simple task no matter what you've heard. These group lessons are for the beginner adult golfer. Instructor Michael Turnbull specializes in helping beginners become more confident and enjoy this great game. Lessons will cover an overview of the game of golf, including rules and etiquette, putting, chipping and pitching, and full swing irons and woods. Class meets for four 60-minute lessons, plus a fifth class at the Par 3 to provide a real golf course experience. Clubs and balls provided. Class size is 6–8 students.


* NOTE: Final class meets at the Par 3 course at 7 pm .

Fabulous Monday Night Adult Lesson League

This league is designed to provide new players with an opportunity to meet other new players and experience golf in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The lesson league is designed for golfers with two years or less of playing experience and for those that have completed some form of instruction program prior to this league.

Michael will organize the league and provide on-course oversight each night to answer questions. The first night meets at the Par 3 for an introduction to the league and a Mindful Golf lesson. The second night consists of a Mindful Golf lesson and time on the course. In weeks three through seven players will play the Par 3 Course accompanied by Michael. Class size is 12–28 students.


*No class July 4

Adult Group Golf Clinics

These clinics present a relaxed and simple way for beginners, intermediates, and golfers at the end of their tether to learn new and interesting things about a variety of golf topics, and they’re great fun. Students will learn to feel the difference between swings that work and swings that don’t. Clubs and balls provided. Class size is 6–8 students. $25/clinic

Woods Clinic

Learn to feel what is important when swinging the long clubs. Discover your sources of consistency and distance with both your driver and fairway woods.

Short Game Clinic

Students will learn simple chipping techniques and methods to increase consistency and confidence. The ability to use a variety of clubs will add creativity to your game and lower your scores.


Topping the ball? That’s not much fun. Golf is mostly played from the ground, not off a tee. This clinic presents a simple and relaxed way to feel the difference between a swing that rolls the ball on the ground and one that launches it in the air. Discover what matters most when hitting approach shots and develop some confidence with your irons/hybrids off the ground

Pitching Clinic

Partial swings can be golf’s most difficult shots. They also are the most important scoring shots. Students will learn to use their wedges from different lies and practice different types of shots to improve their score.

Putting Clinic

Thirty percent or more of your shots can occur on the putting green. Putting is a simple skill that can be easily learned if you pay attention, and Michael can help you learn to increase your confidence on the green. We will use some drills and games to help you understand what is required to become a consistent putter and unleash the potential of that magic wand in your golf bag.

Lessons with Alex Tegels

(Lessons take place at the Brookview Lesson Tee unless otherwise noted.)

Women On Course

For women who are comfortable playing on course, maybe have completed Women on Course before and are looking for more time to get out and play. Each week will have a different lesson focus while playing the Brookview Par 3 course. Maximum of 8 participants per session.



Ladies Group Playing Lesson

Take your game to the golf course. All sessions are at the Brookview Par-3 course to help players gain confidence, become comfortable on the golf course and find new golf partners. Sessions will cover scoring, course etiquette, club selection, practice techniques and even some fun contests. Maximum of 4 participants per session.



Ladies Happy Hour

Come out for happy hour and a golf lesson! The three-lesson series will run through all parts of golf: putting, chipping, irons, and drivers. Learn and work on fundamentals in a fun and social atmosphere. Each lesson includes red or white wine, or a non-alcoholic beverage but you must be 21+ to register.